About Gal Foodie…

Gal FoodieAli Goodwin a.k.a Gal Foodie is a lover of all things edible. An award-winning specialty food designer and former restaurant owner, she can be found most days testing new recipes in her kitchen, hosting dinners with her friends and family to try out dynamic new menus, out on the town for a restaurant review, or sailing her boat around the beautiful harbors of the Southern Maine/NH Coast.


Services Provided by Gal Foodie, Inc.

  • Freelance Food Writer
  • Restaurant Reviews
  • Food Competition Judge
  • Ghost Dining
  • Food Photography
  • Test Kitchen Services
  • Recipe Creation
  • Menu Planning
  • Travel Writing
  • Radio and Television
  • Product Endorsements

6 thoughts on “About Gal Foodie…

  1. Auntie Sue

    You da bomb! Can’t wait to chow down with you soon! AND try some of your fab-o recipes, especially the tomato and lentil and onion soups == just the thing for a brrrrrr cold Maine wintah!

  2. Dana Moos

    Hi Ali, me Dana from the Kingsleigh Inn, RIGHT IN YOUR HOME TOWN! Found you on Twitter from another Twitter user I follow! Love your blog! What’s your next adventure going to be?

  3. Mike Tatich

    This is a great blog. Makes one feel like a member of the family. You must be an exceptionally nice person to write the way you do. I’ll keep coming back.


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