Dining out in Vegas! What’s your pick?

At the end of April, Ben and I are headed on a family outing to the great state of Arizona…by way of Las Vegas! I’ve been to Vegas several times and have experienced a little of everything when it comes to the food – but I haven’t been there in several years – and many new, amazing places have cropped up as fast as they can build casinos on the strip. There are so many choices – and if you want to think of it Vegas-Style – there are so many countries and cities to dine in. How does one choose?

It would be ridiculous to think I can plan a vacation without looking at the dessert list. Help us out by offering your “Foodie Favorite Picks” for dining on the Las Vegas Strip. We’re there for 2 Dinners, 2 Lunches and 2 Breakfasts.

What happens in Vegas, gets posted here.
Well, that goes for the food anyway…

~ Gal Foodie

3 thoughts on “Dining out in Vegas! What’s your pick?

  1. paige

    I can do better telling you where NOT to bother with after I was disappointed by them further.
    Note: the sentence I am about to type is going to make me seem like a real d-bag. Don’t go to Spago. It was so disappointing and not-transcendant. This after having one of the top meals of my life at the one in Beverly Hills the year or two before. I made Paul make a reservation and go with me when we were in Vegas, and it was just…average. So sad.

    Also don’t both with Circo if it’s still open (the downscale Le Cirque).

    DEFINITELY have drinks at Red Square – the bartop is a block of ice!

  2. LunaCafe

    Darn, I can give you recommendations for Scottsdale/Phoenix, Portland, Seattle, or Boston but not Las Vegas. We just did a whirlwind tour of desserts in Phoenix/Scottsdale. The post is titled Arizona Sweet if you are interested. On our first full day in the valley we ate and photographed TEN desserts. Crazy! LOL

    Hey, we are Twitter buddies now. Looking forward to following your work. …Susan

  3. berta!

    Ooooh! Vegas! I looooove Vegas! For lunch my favorite place to is the Carnegie Deli inside the Mirage. It’s not a great as the NY one, but if you like HUGE sandwiches it’s the place to go. Also I love the Paris Breakfast Buffet, they have a crepe bar! And if you’re at the Wynn their Buffet isn’t too bad either. Plus there are great drink deals all over! Have fun!!!


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